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Critical Illness Insurance in the Tampa Bay Area

Conditions like heart attack, stroke, and even the onset of cancer can add a new and uncertain dimension to your life. With critical illness insurance, you are able to navigate these and more conditions with confidence. Count on Bradshaw Insurance LLC to help you prepare for the worst so you are able to hope for the best. My independent insurance agency in Tampa, Florida, allows you to get the coverage you need so that the unexpected does not threaten your financial stability.

Medical care today is very effective. But for many individuals, it is also costly—physically, emotionally, and financially. An unfortunate reality is that the cost to cover emergency procedures, such as heart attack, stroke, or cancer therapy, can drive many households to bankruptcy. Therefore, it is always a good idea to find ways to mollify the effects of exorbitant medical bills. That’s where my agency comes in. I can help you set up critical illness insurance that helps pay for treatments of many serious illnesses or emergencies.

How Critical Illness Cover Protects You

Don’t let a serious illness rob you and your family of your financial stability. Make a smart move and supplement your existing coverage with critical illness insurance. Also known as a “dread disease policy,” this insurance product lets you plan for the uncertain.

A critical illness cover acts as a type of “add-on” product to your existing medical insurance. The provider is contractually obligated to pay the beneficiary a lump sum in the event you are diagnosed, or treated for, a wide variety of illnesses or conditions. The list of covered afflictions depends on the policy you take out.

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Customized Service that Meets Your Needs

Critical illness insurance is a smart investment if you have a family history of specific medical conditions, or otherwise exhibit risk factors for certain illness. As such, this type of policy is a great way to offset potentially high treatment costs while keeping your monthly premiums relatively low.

Furthermore, this insurance product can also cover for cancer treatments. During your free, no-obligation consultation, be sure to speak with me about cancer policies. I can help you establish coverage that accommodates your current health situation.

When you are affected by a debilitating illness, your top priority should be getting better. As such, let’s talk about your needs and build a comprehensive insurance policy that allows you to stare down uncertainty with confidence. With the right insurance products on your side, you are able to focus on what truly matters the most to you.

Contact me to determine your feasibility for critical illness insurance. We proudly serves clients throughout the Tampa Bay area.

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