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Health insurance is meant to provide coverage to help pay for essential medical services. Senior citizens and other eligible individuals are entitled to the basic support that Medicare Parts A and B provide. However, it also makes sense to opt for coverage that goes beyond “just the basics.” By considering your options through the Medicare Advantage Plan, you take smarter steps toward comprehensive—and sensibly priced—insurance. Bradshaw Insurance LLC  is committed to helping you get the most out of your health care options. Count on me to help you navigate the various policies available to you.

An Introduction to Medicare Part C

General health care benefits allow you to receive care through a primary care provider. However, many health services, such as dental and vision care are still largely considered “supplemental” to general health—and may not be covered by your primary insurance. That is where Medicare Part C comes in. Also known as a “Medicare Advantage Plan,” it is a series of coverage options that are offered through private insurance carriers as an affordable supplement to your Medicare Parts A and B insurance.

Dental, vision, and alternative care options can be covered through Medicare Part C. This insurance plan can help keep your medical costs stable. So in the event you need dental care or a new pair of glasses, for example, Part C can help offset your overall care costs.

In order to qualify for Medicare Part C, you must be eligible for Medicare Part A, and be enrolled in Medicare Part B. When you enroll, you will still pay for Part B and receive all of the benefits you are entitled to. You will also begin paying for Part C so you can take advantage of those benefits.

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How Medicare Advantage Plans Work

Part C coverage is delivered through two outlets: Medicare Advantage HMO Plans and Medicare Advantage PPO Plans. The HMO Plan is administered through a health maintenance organization. The HMO makes available a network of reliable, contracted care providers who you can see. These care professionals work through the HMO. Just like conventional insurance, you’ll choose a primary care provider and, if necessary, get referrals to other specialists within the HMO network. Many HMO plans also include prescription drug coverage. Senior citizens and retirees opt for Medicare Advantage HMO plans since they are more likely to enjoy savings on care costs.

Medicare Advantage PPO Plans are administered through a “Preferred Provider Organization.” They function much like HMOs and have their own in-network providers and specialists. If you opt to receive care from a care provider who is not part of your PPO network, you may end up paying higher out-of-pocket expenses. If you opt for the PPO plan, be sure you are familiar with your needs and the extent of the PPO’s network.

Finding the right Medicare Advantage Plan can be a daunting task—but it doesn’t have to be. Request a free, no-obligation consultation at my agency. We’ll discuss your needs and find a plan that works best for you. By choosing the right insurance plan, you can take advantage of top-class care while keeping your costs sensible.

Contact me to request a quote for a sensible Medicare Advantage Plan. We proudly serve clients throughout the Tampa Bay area.

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