Medicare Supplement Plans

Medigap Policy Will Saves You Money

Medicare Supplement Plans in the Tampa Bay Area

When you turn 65, you become eligible for the Medicare health insurance plan. While Medicare is able to cover many essential health products and services, relying on “just” the standard coverage may not pay for all of your medical expenses. To that end, the federal government has partnered with the many private insurance companies around the country to facilitate coverage that accommodates your unique needs. Medicare supplement plans provide such support. Bradshaw Insurance LLC is committed to ensuring you get the right products. Contact me for a free, no-obligation consultation at my insurance agency and find the plan that works for you.

What is Medicare Supplemental Insurance?

The original Medicare plan provisions basic coverage for routine doctor’s visits and other essential health services. However, as helpful as it is, it will not pay for everything. Costs like copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles are not covered by original Medicare. To make paying for these costs easier for seniors, private companies offer Medicare supplemental insurance. Also known as “Medigap policy,” this supplemental insurance offers coverage for services Medicare cannot cover.

Medigap works in conjunction with your basic Medicare coverage. When you purchase this policy, Medicare will still cover eligible costs, while Medigap will cover the eligible difference. It can also pay for health services you receive outside of the United States. As a result, you may be able to save on out-of-pocket expenses had you only had Medicare. Unlike Medicare Advantage plans, which enable specific benefits, Medigap is only meant to supplement your original Medicare.

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How to Enroll in Medigap?

After you turn 65 and enroll in Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B, you already have the option of signing up for a Medigap policy. As long as you sign up within six months of beginning original Medicare, your insurance company will have to cover you—even if you have a pre-existing condition. However, you must make a decision during your enrollment period in order to get coverage as quickly as possible.

After this six-month grace period, if you do not have a Medigap policy in place, then it is up to your insurer to decide whether or not you will receive coverage or need to pay higher premiums to keep your supplemental coverage. This can also lead to making you wait longer before you are able to receive benefits—up to six months. Companies may also opt to underwrite your eligibility, which may subject you to a physical, further evaluation, and even a refusal of coverage depending on health status. Also, if you are enrolled in an Advantage plan, you cannot be sold a Medigap policy.

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Health insurance is complicated—but with my help, you’ll be able to find the plan that is right for you. Call me and we’ll carefully go over your options. You are welcome to ask questions, and I can also provide targeted advice, so you are able to sign up for a policy that meets your health needs and financial situation.

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